Digital technology today has put the power of creation directly into the hands of the creator.  From live-action production, to podcasts, live-streams and social media, we understand that the world is now a virtual stage and you are the talent, the producer and the director.  We can help guide you through broad landscape of available media platforms and distribution channels to exploit, distribute and monetize your content and your brand.



Building a successful business begins with a solid foundation.  Choosing the right type of business entity, preparing corporate governance documents, properly classifying your employees, and establishing sound HR procedures are all essential to success.  As your "outside" in-house counsel, we help lay the foundation, and provide on-going support with drafting and negotiate outside vendor and service agreements.



Whether you're an established songwriter or a DIY musician operating in the digital space, exploiting and protecting your creations is of the utmost importance, now more than ever. We have experience across the music industry, including publishing and licensing agreements, Performance Rights Organization issues, and leveraging our connections to get your music into the right hands. 


Intellectual property (IP) rights are one of the most important and valuable assets for your business and brand.  We know what steps it takes to ensure that your IP is properly registered and adequately protected form unauthorized exploitation.  And we have experience doing it in many different industries.  From brand names to logos, creative works to trade secrets, we are your registration, management and enforcement expert.



From writers to producers, actors to musicians, influencers to brands, we treat every client in the AltView family like our number one client.  Entertainment is a relationships-based industry and we pride ourselves on effective communication and availability.  We've been around, and we've successfully negotiated all types of deals with many of the major players, including ABC, Ryan Seacrest Productions, Relativity Media and VICE News.



Sometimes disputes are unavoidable, and when they are the AltView team is here to help.  We represent plaintiffs and defendants in many different types of civil litigation matters, from breach of contract disputes to theft of trade secret actions.  We pride ourselves in obtaining pragmatic and creative settlements.  More importantly, we keep costs low, so that our clients have a competitive advantage when settlement is unattainable.